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Siapkan file yang akan dibuat, pastikan mode file adalah RGB yang dapat dibuat melalui
 ( menu image > Mode > RGB Color )
Setelah itu buka kunci layer dengan cara double Clik pada layer dan akan muncul kotak dialog layer.
 Isikan Namae " Sket"  >  Ubah Mode " Multyplay " > Klik OK

Proses memberikan warna dengan menyeleksi bagian dengan menggunakan  tool Magic Wand. 

Lakukan seleksi dengan seksama.
Untuk menghilangkan seleksi klik di sembarang tempat. Untuk menambahkan seleksi tanpa menghilangkan area seleksi semula, tekan tombol Shift sambil klik area yang diinginkan
Area yang telah terseleksi akan seperti tamplan diatas. Selanjutnya buatlah layer kulit dengan memilih tool " Create a new layer" seperti gambar di bawah.

Ketik nama layer dengan nama " Kulit" posisikan layer di bawah layer " Sket ".

Pilihlah warna yang diinginkan untuk mengisi warna kulit dengan mengeklik tool Set Foreground Color hingga muncul kotak dialog seperti di bawah. Pilihlah warna dengan isikan " #feecd4 dan Klik OK"

Pastikan seleksi tetap hidup, arahkan layer pada layer kulit lalu tekan " Ctrl + Del " ( pastikan kita bekerja pada layer " kulit" )

Untuk menghilangkan seleksi cukup tekan " Ctrl + D "
Hasilnya seperti di bawah ini.

Lakukan hal yang sama dengan menambahkan layer baru pada setiap bidang kerja baru. Seperti layer" baju, kulit, rambut, gitar, topi dll.



We will create a character guitarist that is Slash into Chibi form. A first step we prepared a picture Slash exemplary character. Images like the one below

Next we create two pieces are arranged in an oval, the top of the larger size compared to the bottom. Draw a line on the face help to put the eyes nose and mouth.

Next on the head make a glass eye, and mouth. Add a hand on the body, handlebar and foot guitar. Use simple shapes as help lines to make each part.

Add help lines for making hats, hair, sleeves, and pants guitar. Give the characteristic of the chain by adding an image as one of the traits in the characters drawn.

Picture hat with the help of auxiliary lines that have been made​​. Follow these guidelines to clarify the picture you want displayed. Scratches made ​​thicker so that it appears that cool picture of each auxiliary lines are made.

The last part is the complement of each part on the image with charged objects. Clarify the detail of the character by adjusting the photos. Remove help lines if the image has been completed and no longer needed help lines.


Good luck

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How To Draw Chibi # 1

Has been with what we know about it chibi, and what forms of Chibi. I would invite you to learn together to create a character Chibi. The first thing before we make Chibi characters are preparing for the media in the form of tools and materials. Use A4 size paper (21cm x 29.7 cm) or A3 (29.7 cm x 42cm), the choice of drawing paper can be customized to your taste.

Picture tool

At this time many drawing tools are available at stationery stores and bookshops, varied kinds. Drawing tools that are used in the form of wooden pencils, Drawing pens, markers, and eraser. Pencils are used in the drawing is divided into two types, namely HB and 2B pencil. Use HB pencil to make a basic pattern.

Marker markers marker should be used, so that black is better. Because every brand and type of markers will vary so that different black color is produced. These markers serve to block the part that has been selected, as the shadow area. The use of markers as well to make a thick line or lines outside silued (outline).

Drawing Pen

Drawing pen merupakan alat gambar yang memiliki spesifikasi mata pena yang berbeda-beda. Mata pena tersedia dari ukuran 0.1 , 02, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7 dan 0.8mm.


Eraser used to erase a line sketch of the paper. Choose a rubbery eraser, clean and remove it slowly. Try to pull in the same direction and remove slowly. If it is too tight will damage the paper and make the paper surface broken.

Now it's time to draw. To get started create help lines form an oval, ovoid divide by making a line in the middle. after the line is formed on the horizontal lines give the eyes, nose, and mouth like the example below.

Selanjutnya tempatkanlah mata sesuai garis bantu yang telah dibuat, begitu juga dengan mulut dan hidung

 As a confirmation of characters, shape of the eyes can give the identity of the character created. Here are some examples of the eye that can be used in drawing Chibi

Here are some examples of the mouth

Here is a sample of hair

Forms of ear
Chibi forms of hand
Chibi foot forms

 Devorm Chibi

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Cute pictures, the characters are cute and adorable, so first impressions look like pinch because of annoyed. what could represent the sentence. This is one of Chibi characters representing the impression funny, adorable, and cute. The impression they give special attraction in Chibi characters. Development, chibi has a characteristic that differentiates it from other animated characters. Characteristics that make it seem funny cute and adorable is the body shape that is used. The following traits of character Chibi:

Big Head

Chibi designs do use a larger head shape of the body. In addition to show the characters face characters, also keeps the humor. Just imagine if your enemy head is bigger than the body, Although you were angry before you opponent would laugh first. Large eye size and shape of the lips that made ​​a little small to make cute faces of Chibi characters.

Figure Captain Jack Sparrow in Chibi deform.

We can see with the form of Chibi captain Jack deform. Changes in head size larger than the body. Likewise the eyes and mouth are small little smile lines, create shapes captain jack looks cute in chibi form.

Form of a Tiny Body

Proportion of entities that are not bigger than the head gives the impression of cute, with tiny feet and hands that add a sense of annoyed. Be perpadauan tiny bodies, such as a few examples below chibi characters. Kakter chibi emerging and developing countries sakura japan. Chibi by the Japanese interpreted as a person of short stature or small.

Hands And Feet More Simple

Drawing hands and feet chibi characters, not necessarily realistic. As revealed in accordance finger hand shape, and make parts of the foot and its details. Chibi essentially gives suatau simplicity in form. Good drawing hand with the fingers or not, is not an issue. Likewise in drawing the legs, usually part of a picture that shows a picture of the foot, such as the soles of the feet, toes, and ankles can be made more simple again from its original form.

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Paradise in Serui Island

For those who like the adventure in the nature while enjoying the beauty and marvel at the greatness of god, I recommend a small town in eastern Indonesia. A city located Yapen island province of Papua Indonesia. The town is surrounded by mountains and coastal beaches lined most exotic, quick overview of the island is better known Yapen Serui.
Transportation to the island of Yapen, you can use air and sea transport.

Sarawandori is a beautiful lake and the exotic. Authenticity is still very well preserved nature, for those who want to find a peaceful and quiet, this is the proper place. While in this lake that we can hear is the sound of birds chirping, splashing water and wind noise that shook the leaves. I think it's extraordinary, there is no noise vehicle. Water color is bright green in the lake, on the banks of the lake is a white chalk rocks. Tourism sarawandori lake is located 30km from the city Serui. I've been there and feel like there still appear. Hemmm ... anyone wants to take me there?
Tourism is still a lot of rare unspoiled and pristine human in Serui Papua Indonesia


Ini adalah postingan pertamaku, mengingat baru kali ini aku bisa ngeBLOG. hihihihihihi... maklum GAPTEK.
Sebagai salam perkenalan, aku pengen berbagi kisah, tetapi dalam komik.

Dipagi yang cerah tinggalah Jarot yang sedang bangun tidur dan kelaparan. 

Tak berselang lama setelah mendengar teriakan ayam betina, Para ayam jago tersadar kalau istri  dan telur mereka diganggu. ha ha ha ha. Ni agak serem adegannya, jangan ditiru dirumah ya. Silahkan dibaca lagi karena  bakal ada pertumpahan darah. -_^